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The Cuntbusting Store has been on a role lately especially when it come to brining in new talent. The Cuntbusting Store is happy to introduce Etheria. Etheria is a beautiful petite girl with a lot of fire. She also has very beautiful eyes that are simply gorgeous. This is an instant classic video with two great cuntbusters. Etheria and her fiance James have been together for quite some time. Several month earlier James finally tied the knot and asked Etheria to marry him. Little did Etheria know that James had a past that terrified him and never mention to Etheria. One week before the wedding when Etheria was leaving from worked, she’s abducted by someone and brought to a place she never seen before. She’s left in a dark room tied to a chair unable to escape. After a few moments, a light is flashed in her face from a flashlight. She hears a woman’s voice talking to her and the woman finally turns off the flashlight and turns on an overhead light. The abductor reveals herself to be Cali Logan, a girl Etheria has never seen but who James knows all too well. Etheria tries to explain that Cali has the wrong girl, but Cali knows that she does. Cali explains to Etheria that her and James used to go out and eventually broke up. Ever since the break up Cali has been obsessed with James. She’s stalked him, threatened him, and even attacked him. Cali is shocked to learn that James never mentioned her too Etheria, and apparently kept the ordeal very quiet. Cali not only wants to get Etheria out of the way, but she wants to teach James a lesson. Cali plans to dispose of Etheria and then blame the crime on James. Cali’s psychotic plan seems to be working as she now has Etheria at her mercy. Cali then begins to admit her hatred for Etheria and how she "stole" her spot with James. Cali then plans to rough up Ethera before she does the deed. Etheria threatens to scream, but Cali quickly stops that by taping up her mouth. Now that Etheria is unable to scream, Cali can do whatever she wants to her. Cali then uses her high heel shoe and stomps right on Etheria’s cunt, crushing is right under her foot. Etheria tries screaming because of the pain, but it’s muffled by the tape. Cali continues to push all her weight down on Etheria’s most vulnerable part of her body, even explaining that she never wants her to be able to start a family. Cali even thrusts her foot forward trying to crush down as much as she can. The whole time stepping down on her cunt, Cali has a sinister smirk on her face. Even though Etheria’s cunt has now been crushed, that’s not enough for Cali. She forces Etheria to spread her legs and grabs her pussy and begins crushing it with her hand, squeezing as hard as she can. The pain on Etheria’s face says it all and Cali just enjoys inflicting the pain while still having that sinister smirk on her face. Cali then releases Etheria and walks over to where she has a weapon to finally end it for Etheria. Cali then puts on a pair of black leather gloves and grabs the weapon. But shill she’s doing that, Etheria is struggling to untie the ropes. It doesn’t take long for Cali to get ready and she walks over to Etheria and points the weapon right to her head. However, even though Cali knew she wanted to crush Etheria’s cunt with her foot, it would have required Etheria’s legs to be freed which will some be a big mistake for Cali. As Cali walks over and points the weapon, Etheria kicks Cali right in the cunt with her high heel shoe, dropping her attacker down to floor clutching her hurt pussy. Etheria knows whats the most vulnerable area on a girls body and decided to do the same to Cali which appeared to have worked very well. As Cali is on the floor holding her groin, Etheria manages to untie the ropes thats holding her and removes the tapes from her mouth. But before Etheria can leave she sees Cali reaching for the gun, so she quickly walks over and steps on Cali’s black gloved hand preventing her from getting the weapon. Etheria kicks the weapon away and then kicks Cali in the stomach. As Cali writhes in pain, Etheria gives her a mouthful. While Cali tries to get to her feet to fight, Etheria makes sure she stays on the ground by kicking her between the legs while Cali was on all fours. Realizing the pain the Cali caused her Etheria kicks Cali between the legs again dropping her attacker. And as another payback, Etheria then reaches down and squeezes Cali’s leather clad cunt and squeezes it. A nice even payback for Etheria. But Etheria makes the mistake of giving Cali another mouthful when she should have taken the opportunity to escape while Cali was down clutching her cunt. While Etheria was talking, Cali slowly gets to her feet, rubbing her cunt trying to make it feel better. That’s when Etheria realizes she needs to get out while she can. But too late for her. As Etheria tries to run out, Cali kicks Etheria in the cunt dropping her to the floor. You’ll get this and so much more. Classic Cuntbusting Video. Starring Cali Logan and Etheria.

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