Hip Hop Diva

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 299/mb
Hip Hop Diva

Fans of nice HARD kicks will love this one. The Cuntbusting Store loves to bring you new talent and we bring you two of our newest girls Jade Indica and Ashle Danger. For their first time cuntbusting, Jade and Ashle are VERY good at kicking cunts. They hold nothing back when they bust each other in their sexy high heels. In the Hip Hop world Jade is working on a video with another Hip Hop artist Ashle known to the world as Honey BEE. Things couldn’t get any worse on this this video production. Jade tries her best to work with Honey BEE, but it’s just one thing after another with the Hip Hop Diva. First Honey BEE arrives 4 hours late, then complains about not having enough camera time, then about her rate of pay, it just goes on and on. Finally Jade has had enough and storms off set to cool off. She goes into her dressing room and calls her agent and tells him whats going on and that she’s ready to walk off. After the conversation Jade takes time to sit back and just cool off. But that doesn’t turn out so well when Honey BEE enters the dressing room and immediately argues with Jade about how Jade shouldn’t be in there and that it’s "Only Her" dressing room and tells Jade to leave. Jade refuses. Honey BEE then tells Jade that she’s siting on her couch and to move. After a few moments of hesitation, Jade moves just to shut Honey BEE up and sits on another couch. But apparently that’s still not good for Honey BEE as she’s told once again to move. Jade has finally had enough and finally tells Honey BEE whats on her mind and calls her a bitch. Thats something someone just doesn’t do. The two begin to argue and eventually Honey BEE gets off the couch and into the face of Jade. Honey BEE then tests Jade by telling her to say it again. Sure enough Jade calls her a bitch. Jade sits on the couch very confident she can defend herself, but she doesn’t expect what Honey BEE is about to do. As soon as Jade calls her a bitch, Honey BEE slams her hand between Jade’s sexy thighs and squeezes her pussy. All of Jade’s strength and confidence disappears as her pussy is squeezed tighter and tighter. Jade didn’t expect Honey BEE to resort to such low tactics to win. Jade is in deep pain as her pussy is squeezed. Honey BEE can’t resist talking trash right into Jade’s face as she tightens her grip tighter and tighter. Eventually Honey BEE releases the hold and Jade is left bent over clutching her pussy in deep pain. Honey BEE then stands over looking victorious and she got her point across to Jade. But Honey makes the mistake of getting in Jade’s face again and demanding she get out. While Honey BEE stands in front of her, Jade gives some payback by delivering a kick right between Honey BEE’s legs, causing the diva to crash to the floor in pain. Jade then slowly gets off the couch and plans. She’s had enough of Honey BEE. Even though Jade still feels the effects of her pussy being squeezed, she’s determined to teach Honey BEE a lesson. Jade pushes Honey BEE onto her back and stomps on her cunt driving her heels into it. Honey BEE cries out in pain as Jade digs it deeper in. After Jade crushes her cunt under her heels she releases Honey BEE. But Jade makes the mistake of standing over Honey BEE as she mocks her. Honey BEE then snaps her foot up and kicks Jade right into her already hurt pussy. Jade crashes to the floor and both girls hold themselves in pain. But now Honey BEE plans to give Jade a devastating cunt kicking that’ll leave the rival unable to have sex for quite some time. Great Video and a must have for fans who love hard kicks. Starring Jade Indica and Ashle Danger.

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