Forced Labor

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 268/mb
Forced Labor

When Keri Spectrum hires her new maid Stephanie Anders, she has more things in mind for Stephanie then just cleaning the house. Keri purposely hires the most attractive girl she finds and immediately seduces them their first day on the job. This isn’t the first time Keri has demanded sexual favors from her hired help, which explains why they always quit. But Stephanie doesn’t find that out until it’s too late. While Stephanie is cleaning up inside the dining room, Keri walks in and begins a conversation with her. Keri gets closer to Stephanie and even puts her arms around her. Stephanie begins to feel uncomfortable and tries to move away from Keri, but Keri forcefully grabs Stephanie by the waist and demands to have sex if Stephanie wants to keep her job. Stephanie tries to get away but Keri’s arm has her in a tight grip. Stephanie knees Keri in the cunt that causes her boss to fall to her knees in pain. Stephanie begins to yell at Keri for what she just did and plans to take action against her and storms off into the living room. Stephanie gets on the phone with her boyfriend and tells him what happened and that she plans on quitting. She hangs up the phone and plans to leave. But while she was on the phone Keri managed to recover and stormed into the living room. Keri pushes Stephanie onto an arm of a near by couch and begins to yell at her, saying that she’s gonna have her one way or another. Stephanie knees Keri in the cunt again, resulting in Keri falling to her knees a second time in front of Stephanie. Stephanie then kicks Keri between the legs adding even more pain to Keri’s already hurt cunt. Stephanie begins to give Keri a tongue lashing and curses out her former employer. But Keri manages to get to her feet and knees Maid Stephanie in the cunt, causing her to fall back and lays on the couch. Keri then opens Stephanie’s legs wide open and begins to punch her repeatedly in the cunt. But Keri takes things a little too far when she takes off Stephanie’s high heel shoe and begins to whack the blonde maid in the ass HARD. Keri goes non stop, spanking Stephanie’s ass with the high heel shoe and even cuts her with the hard hits. Excellent video with two very talented cuntbusters. Starring Keri Spectrum and Stephanie Anders.

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