Agent Crystal Captured

Clip Time: 15 Minutes Clip Size: 344/mb
Agent Crystal Captured

Fans of Object Busting will love this one. The Cuntbusting Store bring you an extremely unique video that all object busting fans will enjoy. When an international drug smuggler known as the Baron makes one too many enemies, the time comes to shut him down. A special operative organization wants to infiltrate his next smuggling operation, so they plan to send a spy. The Baron likes to hold fancy balls, and this is when a special Agent known as Crystal Moonbeam makes her move. She impersonates a guest and enters with her ravishing red dress. When the moment is right she slips away and enters into the Baron’s bedroom. She finds his computer and begins to hack into it. Once Crystal find the information she’s looking for she prepares to leave. But before she can stand up from the chair she’s sitting in, a black whip slaps Crystal right in the cunt causing her tremendous pain. She falls from the chair to the floor, and after several moments gets back to her feet. Crystal knows she has to get out of there and give the information she discovered to her higher ups. But before Crystal can leaves the room she begins to smell gas, and starts to lose consciousness. After attempting to stay awake, Crystal has no choice and passes out onto the floor. After several moments Crystal wakes up and discovers that her red dress has been removed. She then discovers that her hands are handcuffed above her head. Crystal struggles to break free, until a voice is heard through a speaker. It’s the voice of the Baron. He then begins to question Crystal and demand to know what she wanted. Crystal refuses to answer. Thats no problem for the Baron who loves to inflict pain to get information he wants. The Baron decides to hurt, embarrass, and torment Crystal all at the same time. He plans to target Crystals most vulnerable area of her body, her cunt. After a brief conversation, the Baron uses a machine to whip Crystals cunt. You can hear the snaps of each strike as the machine destroys Crystals cunt nonstop. The Baron love humiliating his new victim and loves that he’s attacking her cunt. But that’s not all because the Baron has a lot more cuntbusting for Crystal. Crystal Moonbeam makes her return for the Cuntbusting Store and this sexy Milf is super hot, especially in her red lingerie. This is a must have for cuntbusting fans. Starring Crystal Moonbeam

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